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Venue Search

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be very overwhelming especially if you haven't got a venue in mind. After an intial consultation to find out your prefered wedding date and what you are looking for, I will go away and save you the time and money by calling and emailing a variety of venues that suit your requirements and do the search for you. I will narrow my search down to six of the best venues that are available on your wedding day and visit each venue to assess their setup and gather as much information from them as I can. I will then present you with a Venue Summary Sheet which breaks down:


  • Costs and Payment Terms

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Booking information

  • Venue capacities

  • Venue write up

  • Contact Details

  • Hidden extra’s

  • Map depicting location and distance 

  • Photographs and brochures from the venue


Once you have looked at the summary I would suggest you pick at least three venues you would like to visit. I will then arrange an appointment for you to attend and I will come along for guidance and moral support.


Price: £300



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